Design Engineering

Businesses within this category:

  • Brightworks

    Multi-award winning new product design and development consultants based near Bristol International Airport.

  • Camshaft Ltd

    Innovative Product Design , Process Automation, prototype production

  • Cubik Innovation

    Cubik Innovation work with emerging businesses, entrepreneurs and corporations, helping them to realise their electronic design objectives and to also bring new products to market.

    Cubik provides prototyping services, mechanical design, and small batch

  • Ergochair Ltd

    Made-to-measure, ergonomic office chairs, custom built to the specification of each individual user

    Catering for all shapes and sizes and assisting with every need from postural problems to complex disabilities

  • Free Mic Industries Limited

    Free Mic Industries Limited is the registered company which is used as a platform for the products I create and license or manufacture.

    I also provide a CAD service.

  • Honeystone Web Design

    With consultants in Wiltshire, Somerset and Devon and with almost 10 years experience of helping to develop businesses through web design and digital marketing, Honeystone provides a friendly and professional service and has many testimonials to prove it.

  • Minus Engineering Ltd

    Minus have developed and are commercialising NeutraSeal:
    Low energy, Low cost water treatment

    The technology reduces operational cost by harnessing a static head of water by siphon flow (Patents pending), to displace pumping costs. Capital cost is lower

  • Simpalarm Ltd

    Simpalarm is developing a new consumer electronics product to assist within-family care of older or vulnerable people.

  • Turnertech

    Prototype development and mechanical engineering in Corsham.